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Another episode with news, updates to my channel, shoutouts, and Q and A.   If you guys have an question for this week's episode.  Comment here!  :)
  • Mood: Artistic
Yeah...what way to do the Ace Gamer Show with better quality content is by having space in a house where you can shout, lose control with your voice over without anyone telling you to "SHUT THE HELL UP!" That's right! I use the master bedroom closet as the recording booth, with a laptop that has Audacity installed, increase the settings for professional quality sound. Tell me what you guys think? 

  • Mood: Artistic
How attractive you are:
[] Ew not really
[] Gross
[] Ugly
[] You're ok
[] Alright getting better
[] Cute
[] Gorgeous/beautiful
[] Hot!!! B)
[] Perfect~ 
[] I honestly don't know what you look like! :I

What we'd look like in a picture:
[] Normal
[] Holding hands
[] Pulling faces
[] Couple poses

Where I'd get your named tattooed on me: 
[] My wrist
[] My leg
[]My belly
[] My back
[] My neck
[] My foot
[] My ankle
[] My booty

What we'd do if we lived together:
[] Party, party, party!!!
[] Eat ice cream for breakfast
[] Have pillow fights
[] Go to the bedroom~
[] Have movie nights 
[] Cuddle and kiss~
[]Not live together in the first place..
[] Do whatever you wanna do
[] Do stuff...

What I'd do if you snuck into my room at night:
[] Scream!
[]Tell you to get out
[] Grin mischievously
[] Watch movies with you
[] Let you stay the night 
[] Kiss/cuddle you
[] Blush
[] Attack you

What I'd do to you in the rain:
[] Push you into a puddle
[] Kiss you
[] Hold you close
[] Let you under my umbrella 
[] Give you my jacket 
[] Jump on your back
[] Run away
[] Start to sing randomly
[] Dance with you

What I'd do if I saw you naked:
[] Walk out of the room scarred for life
[] Smirk and laugh
[] Take a picture 
[] Just stand there awkwardly
[] Say, "What the hell?! Get some clothes on!"
[] Blush
[] Walk out as if nothing happened B)
[] Scare you
[] Take your clothes 

What I'd do if we kissed:
[] Smile and blush
[] Be surprised 
[] Push you away
[] Pull you closer
[] Bite your lip so you'd bleed
[] Wonder if we would kiss again
[] Slap yo' face!
[] Freak out, squeal and run around
[] Off to the bedroom~

You should...
[] 1. Be my friend
[] 2. Comment to my profile more
[] 3. Watch me
[] 4. Note me
[] 5. Put this as your journal so I can comment too
  • Mood: Neutral
Something tells me that I want to make a separate channel ranting about the crap that's goes on in DeviantArt.

And if I do that, my first topic will be a certain "Virus"...
  • Mood: Neutral
I dunno what's wrong with me or my body at the moment...I easily get tired, sometime it's in pain and been taking too many naps as of late.   Maybe it's my metabolism or I need to lose some weight. Plus I been moody as of late because of that as well.  Maybe I need to get myself re-acquainted with stuff I use to do back when I was in my 20s.   Cause in my 30s and being unhealthy sucks ass... :( 
  • Mood: Fear


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Another episode with news, updates to my channel, shoutouts, and Q and A.   If you guys have an question for this week's episode.  Comment here!  :)
  • Mood: Artistic


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I'm a journalist, a live streamer, and a reviewer. I also design logos, planning on making a business by doing so. I'm mostly a freelancer and a starving artist. I also a member of the Game Toon Zone, Reviewers Unknown, and mostly hangs around the Reviewtopia community boards and sections. I usually subscribe to the FUNimation Elite Subscribers just to let everyone know I care about the anime community and the industry itself. I will be updating blogs and journals on my website and post a link to it on the journal so everyone else can see. Anyways, this is Mike Maverick saying I will be blogging and designing for Great Justice!

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